The basic of skincare routine


The world of beauty is so diverse these days and it can seem really confusing. More and more products with different names, compositions, and purposes are appearing on the market. Do you also sometimes feel that you are slowly losing track of it all? We have prepared a small guide for you, which can at least assure you if you have a properly set up skincare base. Indeed, all products, whether serum, ampoules, micellar water, care devices, and more, can actually be combined into four simple categories according to their functions. We'll show it on our skincare pyramid.

The basis of this pyramid is cleansing, hydration, and sun protection. The next steps that form the top of the pyramid - treatment are already individual based on our needs, whether it is acne, pigmented spots, wrinkles, etc. Let's say a little bit about each of the above categories.


Every routine should begin with a cleanser to wipe off daily grime and start your routine off on a clean slate. Cleansing can also be considered an age-prevention step, since accumulated grime from the day can have an impact on skin, causing irritation and generating free radicals that can worsen premature aging. Suddenly the cleanser doesn't seem so basic-biddly, does it?


Skin's most important job is to serve as a barrier - shielding you from the elements while keeping hydration in. This barrier function, however, becomes compromised when your SC isn't properly hydrated. This is where moisturizers come in! A good moisturizer provides a much-needed dose of hydration while reinforcing your barrier function. This is a super-broad category of products: serums, essences, creams, ampoules, and gel creams are all designed to keep your skin moist and plump. The sheer variety of products makes finding that coveted holy grail moisturizer quite and challenge!


The sun is the main external factor that causes premature aging, so this category is extra important. SPF are responsible for shielding skin from sun damage - and even scarier, skin cancer. Photodamage can cause wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging, texture changes, and a whole host of other issues that are part of premature aging. Do we need to give you any more reasons to use it?


If you want to go above and beyond the basics, active ingredients, or actives are the cherry on top - the glam squad of products. They usually cost the most. come in pretty packaging and basically promise the fountain of youth. Treatments feature ingredients that target and correct skin concerns you may be worried about, such as fine lines and wrinkles, tone, texture, and pigmentation.

If you're covering the three basic pillars of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from the sun you already have a solid routine. That said, actives are a very useful enhancement to a skincare routine. They are quite a technical and vast category. This category helps fight wrinkles, pigmentation, and uneven texture. Everything that you have heard about in those touted,, holly grail" serums, you will see in the department stores. But active ingredients are also confusing, and often require some experimenting so that you can figure out your own regimen and optimal concentration. Don't worry, we are still researching this area ourselves. We will gradually discuss everything in the next articles :)!