HI Guys! It is so nice to meet you! :) I was founded in 2019 by a workoholic student girl who loves beauty and found her passion in beauty especially skincare. At the end of the year of 2019 she had some health issues, so she had to stay at home all the times by herself and here is the moment when I came through her mind and started to work on me since then. 

I am an online store based in Prague, Czech Republic, where you can find 100 % authentic asian (mostly korean now) cosmetics products with affordable prices. I purposefully seek out products that are natural, plant-based and packed with unique ingredients that are difficult to find anywhere else. I know there are still not that many brands, as a newborn I am still growing and will grow really BIG! Guarantee you! :D 

When I was launched in 2019 my mama imagined a K-beauty online store that is different from the other ones. An online destination that offered only the very best of Korean beauty and skincare and bring the latest beauty trends and skincare innovations from Korea straight to your doorstep. 

And lastly I want to say that it is a beautiful, continuous journey for me, thank you for you support and love from the very beginning!

PS: If you need help with choosing products, let me know via email or text me on social medias! I am here to help! :) 


SR :)

If you want to know something about my mama: 

  • Little girl from a small town with very big ambitions. 
  • Studied Vietnamese language at Charles University. 
  • What is she doing now: part-time vn-cz translator and teacher, part-time social media manager and vn copy writter, full-time founder of Skinrecipe. 
  • Her dream: That me (Skinrecipe) will grow really big and make a lot of money, so she can do a lot of charity work in the future.