Innisfree - Skinny Longlongcara


A sudden storm, the gym, a sad movie-they're no match for this waterproof mascara for natural-looking, lush, long lashes. Our teensy-tiny micro-brush finds and coats even your smallest lashes from base to tip with our waterproof formula.
- Formulated with Black Gel Polymer System to evenly coat lashes with a protective, smudge-proof layer of volume
- 2.5mm micro-brush finds even the tiniest lashes for more defined eyes ─ ideal for under lashes
- Start at lash line and sweep to tips for a curled effect

295,00 Kč
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Suggested Use:

1. Starting at the roots of the eyelashes, apply by pressing firmly and moving upward in a zigzag fashion.
2. Hold the brush vertically to thoroughly apply onto the short eyelashes in the front and back.
3. Thoroughly apply onto the under lashes for even more wide-eyed and refreshed look.

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