Heimish - All Clean Balm 120ml

Vyprodáno VÝPRODEJ

Heimish All clean balm díky šerbetové struktuře produktu výborně odlíčí silné vrstvy make- upu. 

Množství: 120ml 

Vhodné pro: všechny typy pleti i citlivou pokožku

329,00 Kč 415,00 Kč

This make up remover is fantastic! I have very sensitive and delicate skin so I'm very careful about what I use on it.
I just put a small amount of this remover on my hand, soak it on my face even eyes for a few seconds, make one swipe and that's it!
The gel eyeliner, foundation, and mascara are all gone. There's no tugging on the super delicate area and no residue left behind and all my eyelashes are intact! I would buy this in a gallon size if it was offered.
Removes everything, except hydration!
Most makeup removers cause irritation to my skin, but I've never had that problem with this product. Gently removes even the most long-lasting makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and protected.

Suggested Use:

Step1. Spread on face with 3 or 4 scoops.
Step2. massage in a circle with fingertips.
Step3. wash your face with tepid water.