Etude House - All day fix pen liner


Pen type eyeliner that completes a clear eyeline!

  • High pigmented, smudge-resistent eyeliner

Super Fitting Polymer* helps the eye make up last longer by strongly adhering to the skin.

*Super Fitting Polymer = Double structure of hard type film polymer and flexible film polymer helps it apply easily and last long.

  • Multi Nib Tip completes the perfect eyeline

Multi Nib Tip helps to create a complete look by easy application and ultimate precision.

  • Zero smudge, water proof eyeliner

Water, sweat, sebum proof long-wearing eyeliner that wont budge.

Choose a variant:

210,00 Kč

How to use:

1) Place the brush closely to the eyeline and draw in between eyelashes.

2) Draw line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. 

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